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Improving School Security with Keyless Entry Systems

by | 30. May 2024 | Technology

School security has become an increasingly important issue in recent years. With the rise of safeguarding concerns and security threats, schools are looking for ways to enhance their security measures. One solution that has gained popularity is keyless entry systems. These systems can improve school security by taking greater control of access over internal and external doors, allowing school administrators to monitor who enters and exits the building. 

Keyless door entry systems typically use digital door locks and keycards to grant or deny access to specific areas of the school. With keyless access control systems, students and staff are issued keycards that can be programmed to grant access to specific areas of the school. This allows school administrators to control who enters and exits each area, reducing the risk of security threats.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal the level of theft offences experienced by pupils aged 10-15 in England and Wales. Most worryingly, these numbers showed that 62% of incidents happen in or around the school – 52% inside, and 10% around the building.

Theft and crimes at schools are on the rise and educators and staff have the responsibility to protect and care for children of all ages from nursery schools to high schools.  

 Here are some ways that keyless entry systems can improve school security:

Limit access to the building: Keyless entry systems can prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the building by restricting access to the main entrance. Only individuals with the proper credentials, such as a keycard, can enter the building, reducing the risk of intruders or people with nefarious intentions gaining access to the school.

Taking into consideration the size of your establishments and your security requirements, our simplified, yet highly secure keyless system removes the need for staff to carry multiple keys that can easily be stolen or misplaced, putting students at risk. It also eliminates risks associated with students leaving buildings unsupervised and accessing areas that are prohibited.  A keyless entry door system allows access to be predefined on the system and granted on an individual level, which also provides audit trails with granular details of which areas were accessed at what times.

Control access to specific areas: Keyless access control systems can limit access to specific areas of the school, such as classrooms and offices. Only individuals with the proper credentials can enter these areas, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and violence.

This allows educators the flexibility of controlled but easy access to classrooms and teachers’ lounges while also monitoring and restricting the access of students throughout the day.

Monitor and record access: Keyless entry systems can monitor and record who enters and exits specific areas of the school. This information can be useful in the event of an incident, allowing school administrators to quickly identify potential suspects and take appropriate action.

Enhanced emergency response: These systems can enhance emergency response by allowing school administrators to quickly lock down specific areas of the school in the event of a security threat. This can help keep students and staff safe and prevent intruders from gaining access to critical areas of the school, protecting staff and students in any situation.

Simplified key management: Simplify key management by eliminating the need for physical keys. Instead, keycards can be issued to students and staff, making it easier to grant and revoke access as needed. All access is controlled from a centralised location making it more secure and convenience to update access as needed.

One keyless door entry system that is well-suited for schools is the SimonsVoss 3060 System. This wireless access control system is easy to install and offers a high level of flexibility, making it a great choice for schools with unique security requirements. The system uses keycards, transponders or keypads to grant access to specific areas of the school, allowing school administrators to control who enters and exits each area.

SimonsVoss System also offers enhanced security features, including advanced encryption technology and the ability to monitor and record who enters and exits specific areas of the school. The system is easy to use and can simplify key management, reducing the administrative burden and costs on school staff.

 How does keyless entry comply with fire regulations?

 In the UK, keyless entry systems used in buildings, including schools, must comply with fire regulations to ensure the safety of occupants.

Emergency Exit Compliance: Keyless entry systems should allow for safe and unobstructed exit during an emergency, particularly for designated fire exits. In the event of a fire alarm activation or power failure, occupants should be able to exit the building quickly without relying on access credentials or electronic systems.

Fire Door Security: Fire doors play a crucial role in containing the spread of fire and smoke. Keyless entry systems should not compromise the functionality of fire doors or prevent them from closing and latching properly. Fire-rated door hardware and appropriate fire door signage should be installed in conjunction with the keyless entry system.

Fail-Safe Mechanisms: Keyless door entry systems used in fire escape routes or emergency exits should incorporate fail-safe mechanisms. These mechanisms should be standard on keyless locks and must ensure that the doors can be always opened from the inside, even during system failures or power outages.

Integration with Fire Alarm Systems: The system should be able to be integrated with fire alarm systems to ensure synchronised operation. For example, during a fire alarm activation, the keyless entry system can release all doors to allow for quick evacuation of staff and students.

Disabled Access Considerations: Keyless entry systems should consider the needs of individuals with disabilities and comply with accessibility requirements. This may include features such as wheelchair-accessible keypads or alternative methods for entry.

It’s crucial for schools to consult with fire safety professionals, architects, and local authorities to ensure that their keyless entry systems comply with specific fire regulations in their area. These experts can provide guidance on how to implement a keyless entry system while maintaining fire safety standards.

 Benefits of using the System3060 in schools:

Key benefits for schools and universities:

 Eliminates risk associated with keys being lost or stolen or keypads not being recalibrated. No more keys, no more worries. You can easily keep track of access to any building with keyless access control.

 Eliminates risk associated with students accessing sensitive information or equipment. Access to doors, cabinets and building facilities can be granted on a granular level and be time-dependent, increasing security across schools.

 Automated active security and event loggings provide full visibility and audit trails for staff and students. The system records audit trails of access to all secure areas which can be produced in case of any nefarious disputes.

 With the responsive technology, access can be revoked in real-time, emergency lockdowns can be instantly initiated, and security personnel alerted to critical events. In case of any emergency, you have access control to secure those inside the building at any time.

 Cable-free and wireless retrofitting, so that historical buildings can benefit from lower costs and modern locking. Installation is easy and simple and won’t cause any distractions to your students.

Keyless entry systems for schools can play a critical role in enhancing school security. By limiting access to the building and specific areas of the school, schools can reduce the risk of security threats and keep students and staff safe. The SimonsVoss System 3060 is a great choice for schools looking to enhance their security with a keyless access control system. To learn more about SimonsVoss and how our systems can provide the right solution for your school, contact us today.